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John F Maillard
July 31, 1934 - September 28, 2012

Rest in Peace



December, 2011

Dear Friends:

In my 40+ years as a Preservation/Restoration contractor, I made my fair share of mistakes. Fortunately, I made more good decisions than mistakes and was able to sell my business to young and dedicated professionals who are bringing Rainbow Waterproofing & Restoration and the trade to higher levels. I am very proud of these young professionsals.

This trade is addictive and one just cannot walk away from it. After I sold my business, I took care of some health problems (hip replacement, back operation, shoulder operation & etc) so that I could play golf with my buddies. That did not work out -- my old buddies only wanted to complain or reminise. I was coming home depressed after a round of golf instead of elated that I beat so-and-so out of $2.00

Fortunately, some of my old clients called me and asked me to help them with their buildings. That was my salvation! I was back on my favorite horse and riding high. I went back to school and gathered the proper accreditations to be an approved consultant. I had the experience and had made enough mistakes to become a good consultant and Owner's Representative. My former competitors respected me and understood that now I was on the other side of the fence. They also appreciated my clear and concise specifications.

My motto was simple: "You do the job right, I will make sure that you get paid. If you do not do the job right, I will make sure that you do not get paid." It worked perfectly and during the past 10-years, I have performed over 150 projects and received four major National Awards as a consultant.

I have received many requests to be an expert witness in litigation procedures and have refused them all, regardless of the outrageous hourly fees. I have always believed that the only way to avoid litigation is to do the job right in the first place. As a contractor I was never called to court for failing to perform and will not start now.

Unfortunately, I am battling cancer and have problems climbing scaffolds and other issues. I have had to curtail my involvement as a consultant but I am still available to help my clients and friends as long as I do not have to drive too far.

I intend to stay involved as long as I can but would like to thank everyone who hired me or worked with me in the past.

/s/John F. Maillard, CSI-CDT
San Francisco, California